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Champix Varenicline

Every day, thousands of smokers try to quit the habit, some successfully, the majority less so. One of the big stumbling blocks in most ‘quit smoking’ programs is that a lot of the patches, gums and other tools available still contain nicotine. So even though you are weaned off the habit of smoking, there is still a substantial amount of nicotine in your blood. Champix (Varenicline) is a nicotine-free medication that really helps you quit smoking by blocking the effects of nicotine in the brain. Needless to say, the success rate of smokers trying to stop by using this medication is much higher than if they use other methods. Champix (Varenicline) guides you on the road to quitting, without hitting any bumps on the way. One Champix Starter Pack contains 11 pills of 0.5mg and 14 pills of 1mg - everything you need for the first two weeks of your Champix Quit Smoking program.

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25 pills
$3.16 / item
0 mgChampix Starter Pack$79.00
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28 pills
$3.54 / item
1 mgBrand Champix$99.00
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50 pills
$2.78 / item
0 mgChampix Starter Pack$139.00
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56 pills
$2.84 / item
1 mgBrand Champix$159.00
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75 pills
$2.52 / item
0 mgChampix Starter Pack$189.00
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84 pills
$2.61 / item
1 mgBrand Champix$219.00
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100 pills
$2.39 / item
0 mgChampix Starter Pack$239.00
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112 pills
$2.49 / item
1 mgBrand Champix$279.00
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150 pills
$2.3 / item
0 mgChampix Starter Pack$345.00
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168 pills
$2.38 / item
1 mgBrand Champix$399.00
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